Coops – 2016

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Menlo Park Coops


  • Chickadee Cottage – Chicken Coop and run with 7 Bantam Chickens + extra yard run (currently being built)
    We have a sweet little Victorian dollhouse styled chicken coop with a run built around it + we are building an extra run in our yard for our chickens to roam through our garden. Our chicken are treated as pets and are used to being held and around small neighborhood children who stop by to visit daily.


  • NFO Bee Company – We have a one year old garden topped coop built and designed by us housing 8 hens-2 barred rock, 1 dominique, 1 buff orp, 1 australorp, 1 ameraucana-who is currently broody, 1 australorp and 1 delaware. 7 of the hens are under 1 year one of our barred rocks is 4. We have 7 thriving hives on site, including one Flow Hive. We have 10 fruit trees, olallieberries, blackberries and strawberries, passion fruit, a medicinal herb and garden and pollinator habitat out front along with a variety of common and rare succulents all fertilized by the casting of our worms. Our garden inside is mostly comprised of salvias, however, you will find a little of everything my wife has created what she calls a California cottage garden, I call it a mess. We will offer honey, lip balm, lotion sticks and beeswax candles for purchase.


Palo Alto Coops

  • Common Ground Garden – For the Bird’s handcrafted coops (that are for sale by order!) and a biointensive garden


  • Coop de Ville –  Large secure coop with automatic door (set on timer) lets The Girls out to extended run on side of house viewable by pedestrians. Raised vegetable beds, blueberries and 8 varieties of citrus trees in pots.


  • Bunratty Coop – We have 19 happy chickens, we have an interesting grey water system, and an organic garden. Chickens
  • Chicken Alcatraz – Large, fenced in yard with coop inside.  It’s a “Hobbit House” for chickens

Chateau Cluck2

  • Empty Nest – coop, beehives, rain catchment, pitcher irrigation, fruit trees and vegetable garden. We have 3 Rhode Island Reds and 3 Delawares. Coop is a Wichita Coop Design – self contained Coop + run area.  Find out why it is called an Empty Nest!


San Carlos Coops

  • Chateau Le Coop –  Luxury coop for 2 hens  Features upper level viewing area with pole.  Access doors on three sides.  Integrated poop drawer below that can be pulled out for cleaning.  Sliding door for chickens to hop up and enter, easy egg access.   Good ventilation.   Unfortunately it is not occupied presently and possibly for sale.


San Jose Coops

  • Puff Bottom Girls – Our four hens are happily spoiled with a large coop, and a large run occupying the rear portion of our back yard. In addition to the deluxe coop, we put the girls to work in the “Mini Cooper,” a tractor coop that sits on top of a 4×8 raised bed.


  • Dino-Coop at the Middlebrook Center – We have 3- one year old’s , 2 Teenagers and a Bunny that are housed in a coop decorated with an children’s art mural.  Our chickens have been well loved in our summer camp and school teaching garden program.  Our coop is used to teach classes teaching kids life sciences as well as the evolution of the chicken from their dinosaur past.  You may peer into the coop from the holes on Race street or come on inside and cuddle with our friendly chickens.
  • They are also offering a post tour pizza event from 4-5:30 PM so swing on by as you finish your tour for pizza in their woodfire oven!



  • Sam’s Downtown Feed – This feed store in downtown San Jose is the place to get chicken and coop supplies and bee keeping equipment.  On hand will be coop and bee keeper experts.


  • Garden To Table – Taylor Street Farm – Nonprofit urban farm with chickens, bees, veggies, and more. Open for U-Pick veggies every Saturday 9-1pm.


  • Dry Creek BeesBee hives nestled into a beeyard designed to provide optimal shelter during winter and maximum exposure during warm months. Hives sit atop a permeable patio base to prevent run-off during rain. A natural looking water feature and nectar bearing drought resistant perennials demonstrate the beauty of a bee-friendly garden. Honey tasting, and water stop.
  • Willow Glen High School Gardens and Outdoor Learning Domains (G.O.L.D.) – The WGHS GOLD Chicken Project is a student-run project with the intention of raising chickens on the Willow Glen High School campus. Students in Mr. Bursch’s 1-2 Biology classes were tasked with creating their own service learning projects. The purpose behind the assignment is to the get students to find a topic that interests them and create their own project to help improve the school.


  • Valley Christian Junior High – We have an Aggie Club on the Junior High campus that is responsible for the care of our 6 chickens.  We have 3 breeds, Americauna, Buff
    Orpington, and Rhode Island Red.  The students under the leadership of
    Mr. Dwain Fairweather maintain the coop and care of the chickens.



Veggielution – A Community farm in San Jose you need to check out.. Stop by and get involved!  This coop is not on a route due to late entry but well worth a visit!


Los Altos Coops

  • L’Auberge Inn Coop Name – We live in Los Altos and share our backyard with five wonderful pet chickens. Ginger, Poppy, and Sage are Ameraucanas we bought as chicks/pullets a few years ago. Tarra and Marjo are White Leghorns we recently adopted.
    Yes! You can adopt chickens! Like cats and dogs, there are many chickens waiting for their forever home.Our rescues come from a battery cage farm raising hens for egg production. They have been rescued by Animal Place, a sanctuary for farmed animals.


  • The Kasso Coop was built by three generations of Kasso’s (son, father and grandfather), and is attached to a large shed where we harvest
    rainwater and store it in barrels.  The rainwater is used to water the vegetable garden during dry periods in the winter months.  A compost pile and Vermiculture bin round out the garden area.
    The Kasso Coop is just one part of our urban farm.   For several years we have grown giant pumpkins in our front yard, bringing them to Half Moon Bay for competition.  Sadly, we are not growing the giants this year due to the drought.  Next to the pumpkin patch is a small vineyard.  We harvested the grapes on Sept. 3 this year and will bottle the Zinfandel around this time next year.  Last year’s vintage is nearly ready to bottle and we’ll know if it’s any good in a year or two.  The property also houses two bee hives and we will happily give out samples of our delicious honey during the tour.


  • Shanti Farm We are home to a flock of 15 chickens, 2 beehives and 2 Nigerian dwarf goats.  We also have large organic vegetable and herb gardens with traditional composting and worm composting.



Los Altos Hills Coops and Farm Stands

  • Campo Cluckers – Interesting Chickens, coop, drought tolerant garden and grey water systems.



Chickens with real kid farmers!


  • Los Altos Hills Community Farm Stand at Hartley Farm


Every community and neighborhood needs a farm stand to share in the wonderful backyard bounty from our gardens and coops!  Check out this permitted Los Altos Hills Farm stand when visiting the Hartley Coop.  For ideas about urban farm stands, check out the website.


Craig Murray’s famous spot, “The Garden,” on Dori Lane near the corner of Robleda and Purissima, will not open until August when the tomatoes are ripe. He also grows flowers, peppers, squash, cucumbers, garlic and more. He supplies some produce to market on San Antonio Road.

You can tell when The Garden is open, because you will see a sign at the corner of Dori and Robleda. The Garden has always been 100 percent organic.

Los Gatos Coops

  • Coop De Ville – Los Gatos –  This is a mid-century modern chicken coop built by green builder (Bruce King of San Rafael. Coop was originally built using only reclaimed materials, but in order to get it to fit on our very sloped property, we had to add some new lumber to get it to work. 90-95% reclaimed.


  • Shannon Farm -We have some Buf Orphingons and some Blue Cochin chicks. We have an automatic door on the coop which we really like. The coop itself was designed by some crazy engineer in Santa Cruz whom I bought it from. It’s quite sturdy, functional, and well insulated if a bit heavy/overbuilt. I have the plans if anyone is interested. We have a little garden and a greenhouse as well. We also keep bees – just harvested 80 lbs of honey from 2 hives! We could probably break some out if anyone is interested…coop and hives are located near what we refer to as the “Shannon river” – a creek that runs down the north side of Shannon road. Unfortunately it is dry right now, but if we get a good rain it might be running! Our “farm” area is nothing fancy, just hoping to meet some nice people and exchange ideas!


Store owners Jon and Melody have been in business for over 12 years (selling ink and toner) but only recently added their passions “Chickens and Bees” (they have 24 chickens and 18 hives) to their merchant business.

cHICK n bEES sells backyard bee and chicken keeping supplies and much more. We provide many services as well.


cHICK n bEES is hosting a honey tasting on the day of Tour De Coop, this is a community event Free and open to the public. You can meet local beekeepers, taste and compare their local honeys and purchase some for home.  There will be an observation hive and a couple of chickens hanging out too! Free Samples of Scratch and Peck Feed will be given out as well.


 Mountain View Coops

  • Alta Vista High School CoopStudent built and refurbished coops featuring our newest “Dr Suess” coop. Bantam chickens, Marans, Olive Eggers, and a Plymouth Rock. Newly hatched chicks will also be on cite with the possibility of buying. You will find our student-built hydroponic system as well as an orchard,vegetable, and succulent garden. We will also be selling/building custom built coops, sheds,  garden beds and potted succulents to any interested coopsters.


  • Silicon Valley Micro Homesteading -Custom coop, four beautiful chickens, small veggie and herb ‘kitchen garden’, grape arbor, new fruit trees, sitting area with table and native no-mow grass.  We got rid of our lawn, and turned our front yard into a space that produces food and is enjoyable as an outdoor ‘room’



Santa Clara Coops


The Homesteaders chicken coops are located at the 4-H ranch along with vegetable gardens, bee hives, a rabbitry, and a barn.

Our ranch is unique in that it is run by the youth, for the youth! The Homesteader’s farm is the last working farm in Santa Clara. It serves roughly 600 youth per year, giving tours to the local schools and holding open houses. The ranch features a large organic garden and compost, a bee project with 4 hives, many chicken coops, market turkeys, sheep, goats, and a rabbitry all tended for by the youth members.

 Sunnyvale Coops and Community farms

  • Full Circle Farms – Come and relax with the chickens and then wander around our beautiful community farm.fullcircle2
  • Charles Street Garden – Charles Street Gardens is an organic community garden located in the heart of Sunnyvale–it is located at 433 Charles Street and it’s open to all Sunnyvale residents. Whether you want to till your own plot, help in the group garden, or learn new garden skills and approaches.


  • Pirate Produce – This coop stop offer unique aquaponics, gardens and chickens.



  • The Feathered Nest – Our coop has 5 hens: a Barred Rock, an Easter Egger, 2 Black Laced Wyndottes and a Black Australorp. Expecting some new additions of an Olive Egger, a Cuckoo Moran, Giant Blue Cochin and a bantam Spray Cochin. These will be housed in a separate smaller area. We also have a worm farm and a 525 gallon water cachement system. Our bee hive is almost ready to launch! We also home brew kombucha and have scobys available for any who might like to make their own.


One Tree Farm Stand – This is not a coop stop but a pop up self service Farm Stand that was added at the last minute .  It’s not on any Coop Loop but an inspiring farm stand!  Anyone can add a pop up neighborhood farm stand!


Redwood City Coops


  • The Egg Plant – 2 coops with in a 36′ X 11′ fully enclosed chicken run, housing 1 Welsummer, 1 Golden sex, 1 Barred rock, 2 Coco Marans and 2 Ameraucana’s.


  • San Mateo Pet Supply –  The is local store that specializes in backyard chicken supplies will have coops, and chicken experts available to answer your questions to help get your backyard coop started!

San Mateo pet supply is offering a post tour party from 4-7 PM for those who want come by and talk chicken or pick up chicks they have ordered!