2015 Tour Photos and Blog-2

Here are some more photos from SV Tour De Coop event from 2015 sent in from various tourist and coopsters from the tour.  Enjoy

Wanted to again thank-you for your part in sponsoring the Tour De Coop. We had 191 visitors to our coop and had much fun in the process.  I’m attaching a couple photos that you are welcome to us as you see fit.
Best to You,
IMG_3502 IMG_3503

From Melisa:

I just posted a blog post about my adventures on Tour De Coop here: http://greenbeangal.blogspot.com/2015/09/silicon-valley-tour-de-coop-2015.html
There are also photos on Facebook here.

Photos from Ann Duwe

IMG_0871 IMG_0874 IMG_0876 IMG_0882

Hi Tour de Coop organizers,

Thank you for putting together this year’s Tour de Coop!  I led a 22mi ride for ACTC (Almaden Cycle Touring Club) to five stops in San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale.  We had eight riders, starting with a jog around SJC to see the aluminum “birds” and work our way through downtown SJ.  Lunch at the Santa Clara Farmer’s Market (poultry was verboten for this tour).  All of the stops exceeded my expectations – really, each one was special – and we all had fun finding and learning about these urban gardens hidden in the middle of the Valley.

I’d like to share my photos (feel free to use/link on your website):



Jared, ACTC Ride Coordinator (and maybe future coop owner)

Tour went well this year. I actually log each person as they come in the back gate and put it into this spreadsheet. We had 126 people last year and 136 this year. There are definite times of higher traffic (around noon, and right near the end).

image (7)

Serving smoothies (pineapple juice and ice in the blender) was definitely a big hit on a hot day.

What a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends!

Tour de Coop encouraged cyclists, but Buffy opted to drive.



A big thank you to the organizers of this fun event, and a bigger thank you to our neighbors who, so graciously, invited us into their yards and shared their coops!


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