New stuff for 2022!

Here is the 2022 (2) posters

Please locate your own T-shirt maker either online or locally who can take the graphic above and print it on a shirt for you.

The options below are from previous years (before 2022) and typically do no work this year (2022).

You can now get into the coop fever and order your own Silicon Valley Tour De Coop shirt!


With this Zazzle  on-line custom t-shirt offering, you can have your own customized Silicon Valley Tour De Coop shirt made in a variety of styles and sizes!

Order your event tshirts here.  They take a week to manufacture and ship the shirts so if you order today, delivery is estimated on 11th (if ordered on Labor Day) without expedited shipping. 
Any production and delivery issues with the shirts should be directed to Zazzle directly.

Tour De Coop Bike Jersey!  Look official!  – Still available!


Click HERE for more information on how to order your shirt!

Coop Tour Helmet accessories!  – These are FREE- You make them yourself!


To be a real coop tourist, you need a Tour De Coop Chicken hat.

Follow the instructions on the Chicken Hat Instruction page for complete details or create your own coop tour hat!

Event Posters!

We need folks to download and print copies of the Coop Tour poster(s) for your favorite chicken and coop friendly places that might be interested in hearing about this event.

Feel free to download and print and display on your own wall or any other legal place to post notices!

We have three poster options:

(1) Call for coops poster – Between March and August, we will be soliciting “coops” where folks with coops submit their information to be included on the tour.

(2) Coop Tour Poster – This poster can be posted anytime promoting the event.

(3) Is there a coop in your future?  – This is another poster about the event.

Simply click on the image below to get a full size image that you can print from!

Click HERE for full link


Click Here for Poster Is There a Coop in Your Future?

Note: Graphic for iron-on must be reversed!  Click on the image below to get an image already reversed for printing on iron-on transfer paper.


Options for getting a Tour De Coop clothes:

Make your own shirt, sweatshirts, and other clothing items with Tour De Coop logo at a local BigFrog T-shirt shops.  Costs between $18-$25 depending upon the type of shirt and quantity. Turn around in 24 hours.  Can be made anytime, including after the coop event!  We just discovered this shop that can color print onto t-shirt fabrics.  Shirt order of more than 10 shirts at the same can get a discount.

BigFrog® of Mountain View

550 Showers Dr. STE 3
MOUNTAIN VIEW,  California
94040  Phone: 650-941-0115    Email:

Ask for the Tour De Coop Artwork already submitted at BigFrog.

You can call or email ahead of time and get a shirt made if needed.

Or create your own shirt with an iron-on transfer by taking the graphic(s) below and reversing the image and printing on a color ink-jet printer and ironing on to a shirt.

POSTER  #1 – Reversed Image

Poster #2 – A Coop in your future?  Feel free to print and post this poster!

Coops in your future for t-shirt



To help get coops offered for the tour, we have created this WANTED COOPS poster.  Please print this poster out and post at your favorite coopster hangout.  To grab the full image, click on the image.

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