Call For Coops!



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We need your Coop and Yard and Ideas for

SV Tour De Coop 2017!

Sign up now!  Coops accepted until August 23 2017!


Coops Wanted.. wait.. I’m ready!  Get me out of this Prius! Sign me up!

Coops and urban farming

We are soliciting coops and the best and coolest of the Silicon Valley urban homesteads.   Small, large, tiny, condo house, complex, or community farm. If you have a coop or something to inspire tomorrow’s coopsters or urban homesteaders, please first sign up on Eventbrite as a coopster /volunteer to get on the email list.

CLICK HERE to sign up on eventbright as coopster or organizer

Secondly, please send a email to Tour De Coop organizers ( with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Address (Street address, city and zip) – This is helpful when reviewing tour routes
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • A paragraph description of your coop stop  (Coop, bee hive, gardens,  other animals, etc)
  • Another paragraph explaining what is unique about your coop stop and why folks should visit your coop stop!
  • A Third paragraph describing what you will be offering for the tourists at your stop.  You might mention you are offering free lemonade, banana bread and a shady lawn area to relax on between coop stops.
  • Please include 1-3 photos  of your coop or garden.
  • IMPORTANT: Coop submissions must be submitted by the Third week of August!


WANTED – SV Tour De Coop Event Ideas and coordinators and volunteers!

The SV Tour De Coop is a dynamic, changing event.  Each year will be a unique creation of the Coop Tour coordinators that will define the activities, coop and yard stops, bike routes and other Coop Tour themes.

If you would like to suggest a particular theme, topic, venue or wish to participate in helping to organize the SV Tour De Coop this year, please email the Tour organizers ( the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Your Tour Activity and how you wish to be involved.

Contact Tour De Coop Organizer Directly

Please call Scott at (650) 793-0475 if you wish you discuss your coop ideas.