Coop Tour 2013


The SECOND annual Silicon Valley Tour de Coop,  a self-guided bicycle tour of chicken coops, gardens, bee hives, hoop houses, and cool Silicon Valley urban homesteads,  happened on Saturday, September 14, 2013 from 9AM to 4 PM.

If you wish to make some comments or give ideas for SV tour de coop 2014,, we have a new blog/comments page.

Here are some highlights from Rose Garden and Downtown San Jose Coop Tour, one of 10 coop tours and 170 miles of coop fun! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and ready to come back next year.

Some SV Coop Tourist Clucking between coops



Yes.. We do like chickens!

americangothicChickens are serious business.

DSC_0035well.. not all the time..


Mobile chicken coop for sale! Check out Bay Maples


Our youngest Coopster on the tour!


Chickens are fun for the whole family!


DSC_0073Sharing the bounty with the farm stand.


Not available in stores.. limited time offer..

DSC_0080Gardening and chickens go together!

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