Coop De Ville Elson

Coop De Ville Elson


Coop is a split level condo.  Ground floor is an indoor/outdoor covered patio with views to the compost pile and backyard.  A sloped ramp leads to the grand room for entertaining, socializing, and dancing.  From the grand room it is a either a hop into one of the two nest boxes, when a hen feels like giving back to the landlord, or it is a jump to one of two roosting bars for a good night sleep.  The entire coop is stained to match the main house exterior doors and windows.


Coop was designed on a CAD program to fit in a very specific area in our backyard.  My youngest son and I built the coop mostly out of 2x2s and plywood.  The coop is integrated with a totally enclosed chicken run, to keep the predators out, and links to our enclosed raised bed gardens so they have extra area to roam and fertilize during the fall and winter months.  Coop cleaning is literally a ten minute process due to positioning of hinged doors relative to compost bins.  In addition, egg collecting can be accomplished without the risk of a shoe-poop encounter since accessing the nest boxes does not require entering the chicken run.


Apple slices from our front orchard or lemonade.

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