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2020 Tour Update – January 2020

The Silicon Valley 2020 Tour De Coop date has been selected and this year we are doing in May 2020.  We are on our way to organize the 9th annual Silicon Valley Tour De Coop!  The 8th coop tour was scheduled but canceled for September 2019 due to New  Castle Chicken Virus.

Step 1: Call for coops!  We are now soliciting coop entries for the 2020 Tour De Coop event on Saturday May 16, 2020.  If interested, please review the Call For Coops page for details on how to submit your coop for consideration for the 2020 tour.   We are always looking for volunteers to help market the event as well or write press releases or get the word out!  You must register your coop for consideration by Friday  April 24th to be considered for the tour on May 16th 2020!

NEW! – This year, we are attempting to get “city” coop coordinators, that can help solicit coops for a city (or 2) and create coop loops for a particular city.  For example a Mountain View Coop coordinator can try and find 3-7 coops for Mountain view so Mountain View can have a special Mountain View Coop loop as one of the rides available for everyone.  This helps to create neighborly rides where folks can visit their neighbors.  An additional option is to create a social gather after, or during the ride for this particular loop.  Let us know if you are interested in being a city coop coordinator.

Step 2: Tell your friends about the tour and sign up!  – Anytime!

Step 3: The coop committee will evaluate all of the submitted coops and based on location and other factors, select all of the coops possible to make several coop loops and routes and start working on the maps and routes.  This does not happen until late April.

Step 4: Bike and map committee map out and test coop tour loops and routes. – Build and publish maps

Step 5: test Bike the routes and refine the maps

Step 6:  Publish the maps and distribute links via email to those who have registered on eventbrite.  (about 1 week before the event)

Step 7: Ride the tour!


SV Tour De Coop Planning Calendar – 2020

Here is a general time line of coop tour planning events to pull the event together by the event date of May 16th 2020.

January– April 24th  2020 – Solicit coops for submission and get folks to register to the tour with flyers, posters, postcards, articles, press releases, etc.

April 24th – All Coops should be submitted for consideration in the coop tour

April 24th- May 1stCoop selection and preliminary route mapping process completed

May 1st – May 10th -Test Ride of loops –  Fine tune routes and maps – Test riders welcomed and input on maps!

May 1st – May 10th . Make final corrections to routes and maps

April 28-April 30th– Two coopster meetings will be held for coop owners for instructions on how prepare for coop tourist!

May 2/3 to  May 9/10 COOP TOUR TEST rides!  We need people to sign up for specific tours and fully test maps and instructions.

May 13th – Wednesday-Attendee Map is released to those registered on eventbrite

May 16 2020 – Coop Tour – 9 AM to 4 PM

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