The Silicon Valley Tour de Coop is a free, self-guided bicycle tours of chicken coops, gardens, bee hives, hoop houses, and coolest Silicon Valley urban homesteads.

How the Silicon Valley Tour De Coop came to be:

Coop tours aren’t a new thing and I was recently inspired when I heard about the Davis Tour De Cluck event.  So I decided to create a local coop tour event.  No better way to connect with your neighbors and community than coop tours!  Be inspired by your local chicken raising families and their creative coops!  Found out how your left over food can be used to help feed your chickens for eggs and how they help with the garden compost!

A self-guided tour map will be emailed to all those registered for the event through eventbrite about 1 week before the event.  Other important ride information and other updates will be sent to registered participants.

This event is FREE and open to anyone with an interest in coops, chickens, biking and urban farming!  Simply register, get the email with the map, and  print out the Tour De Coop map, select your coop tour, and GO!  The event and coops will be open from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Each year, the number of coops and various routes is defined by the energy of the coopsters and organizers.

Every year the coop tour gets bigger and better.  The first year we had about 11 coops and 20 miles of tours with 2 tours.

In 2014, our 3rd year, we had 29 coops, 250 miles of coop tours spread out among about 10 tours and nearly 1,500 registered tourists!  It included a coop century!  Almost every year since the event has grown in coops and cities and participants.  Sign up now!CoopTourCentury500

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