Kasso Coop

The coop currently houses six spoiled hens:  9 year old Spook, 6 year old Lily, and 2 year old Caramel all Americanas, 4 month old Snowflake a Light Brahma, and 6 year old Justine and 4 month old Roxy both Barred Rocks.  Spoiled hens, in a back yard coop????  Yes!  The girls have free range of the yard during the winter months when the garden is not planted and are fed fresh produce from the garden when they are confined to their run.  We love our ladies so much that we even performed surgery in our kitchen on one of our hens after she developed an impacted crop.  It’s true that super glue and sewing thread can be used to close a wound!  She lived another 2 years confirming our surgical skill!  To help protect our spoiled laying ladies, the garden surrounding the coop is patrolled by Blackie, our barn cat, who’s primary function is to keep the rats out of the coop and the squirrels out of the garden and compost bin.  Blackie was adopted from the Humane Society’s Working Cat adoption program last month and is still getting use to us and his new home.
The Kasso Coop was built by three generations of Kasso’s (son, father and grandfather), and is attached to a large shed where we harvest
rainwater and store it in barrels.  The rainwater is used to water the vegetable garden during dry periods in the winter months.  A compost pile and Vermiculture bin round out the garden area.
The Kasso Coop is just one part of our urban farm.   For several years we have grown giant pumpkins in our front yard, bringing them to Half Moon Bay for competition.  Sadly, we are not growing the giants this year due to the drought.  Next to the pumpkin patch is a small vineyard.  We harvested the grapes on Sept. 3 this year and will bottle the Zinfandel around this time next year.  Last year’s vintage is nearly ready to bottle and we’ll know if it’s any good in a year or two.  The property also houses two bee hives and we will happily give out samples of our delicious honey during the tour.
Honey tasting:  Kasso vs Costco!