2018 Coop Tour Raffle

2018 Silicon Valley Coop Tour Raffle!

New this year is our Coop Tour Raffle and a vendor that sells an automatic coop door opener has offered to provide (1) free coop door opener kit ( Retail value of $265) for this raffle.

Raffle Rules:

  • You must have registered with Eventbrite to be a 2018  SV Tour De Coop Tourists OR 2018 Coopster with a valid email so we can reach you.  You do not need to ride the event to qualify for the raffle.
  • To better ensure that this prize will be properly used by a coop owner or future coop owner, we will contact the winner and ask if they are willing to accept this raffle prize.  If they can not use the automatic door opener now or in the future, we will select another random raffle winner from the Tourists and Coopster lists!

Vendor Info:


Coop Door Opener details:


ChickenGuard Premium Opener and Self-Locking Chicken Coop Door

The ChickenGuard automatically opens your chicken coop door in the morning and closes it at night using either the timer or sunlight sensor. It protects your chickens from foxes and other predators and saves you the bother of getting up at the crack of dawn or trudging out to the chicken coop on dark and stormy nights. Introducing our brand new self-locking door kit – A world’s first. Perfect to stop crafty predators from lifting up the coop door and getting to your precious flock! Once the door is fully lowered locks engage on either side, adding an additional level of comfort and security for you and your hens. Weather resistant, will not warp, crack or swell with moisture. Material actually hardens and strengthens over time in the sun and elements! ChickenGuard takes environmental responsibility extremely seriously so we are proud that our tough and durable runners are 100% recycled plastic. Our brand new self-locking door kit is sure to be a game changer for backyard chicken owners wanting to secure their flock’s safety.

Retail value of $265



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