All About Tour De Coop

Wondering what the SV Tour De Coop looks like?

This is our 7th year of the Silicon Valley Tour De Coop so we have lots of photos and media of previous tours to give you an idea of the clucking fun and the coop goodness that this tours creates every year for both the coop “Tourists” who ride the event and the “Coopsters” who host their coops on the tour!

Video from Silicon Valley Tour De Coop 2012 – This short video was created by  Ellie Vanderlip – from 15th Ave Films. This video was filmed during the coop tour.


Below is a slide show of photos from various years of SV Tour De Coop coop event – Notice the clucking fun.  It’s hard to get serious with chickens around!  Embrace the coop goodness.  It may take a little while to load if it doesn’t appear yet.


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Tips for a successful coop tour

We recommend you review your tour options before your set out on Saturday for the tour.  There are 29 coops scattered among 11 different coop “loops”.  Certain coops may have the backyard farming item you are interested in like sheep, gardens or goats.  Hopefully you can find a coop tour near to your house where you can bike from your house to the tour and meet locals on the tour.

Navigation of the loops can be tricky so study the route maps carefully.

Visiting coops by car

You are welcome to visit the coops by car and we offer a complete list of addresses of all of the coops.  The coop stops will be more configured for bike tourists, so if you do drive, please park respectfully in the neighborhoods.  The coop loops routes are definitely for cyclists so you may need to navigate your own routes directly to the coops for car visits.

Get Inspired and make new friends!

Feel free to ask a lot of questions,  and bring a camera to take photos of the coops so you can start to plan your coop!  Many of the coop owners on the tour attended a previous tour as inspiration for their coop.

We encourage you to stop and hang out at the coops and make new chicken friends.

Chickens are very much a family and children activity.  Several of the coop stops have children raising the birds and selling the eggs to neighbors.

You can start your tours anytime on coop day, but the coops are only open from 9 AM to 4 PM on just Saturday September 15th.  Please do not disturb the coop owners before or after that time or on another day.    This is a self guided tour.


Get into the spirit of the coop day and identify yourself with a Tour De Coop Chicken accessory to your Helmet.

Have a clucking fun day!

Tour De Coop organizers!


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