Alpine Butterfly Lodge Coop



  I have six bantam hens (2 brahmas, 1 cochin, 3 easter eggers) who arrived in the mail as baby chicks in 2013.  I wanted a pet, but am allergic to most fuzzy animals, so birds who live outside were a good choice. Our backyard is mostly taken up by a pool, so my hens live in the planter along the back fence. The coop itself was a kit, but we custom built their 32′ x 2′ predator-proof run to fit in the space we had.   We have added a poultry nipple waterer, a mister system connected to the sprinklers that were there, and trained vines to grow over part of the run.

What’s Unique:

We are a house based on intentional community, and have had up to ten people living here at one time since we moved in in 2000.  We participate in a community supported agriculture program, have photo-voltaic panels for our electricity, and heat our pool with
solar thermal.  I sometimes manage to plant vegetables, but we haven’t been watering much due to the drought.  We have several fruit trees that mostly produce fruit for the squirrels, and an avocado tree that voluntarily started growing from our backyard compost.


Water, and Fresh baked goods from The Flour Smith for purchase.

Alpine Butterfly Lodge-1ABLhens

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