Animal Place

Animal Place’s large scale rescue and adoption program works directly with farmers to provide an alternative to slaughter for a small percentage of hens in the egg industry. The sanctuary operates two facilities – a permanent sanctuary in Grass Valley, CA and our adoption center in Vacaville, CA. Since 2010, Animal Place has rescued more than 21,000 hens from the egg industry. There are more than 20 million hens exploited for eggs in California. Virtually all will be gassed and trashed in landfills. Some will be slaughtered and sold for consumption. All are killed at a fraction of their lifespan.

Adopters are life-savers. While we do the initial rescue, it is our adopters who are the true rescuers – providing lifelong care to hens saved from horrific conditions. Our most recent 1,300 hen rescue had us pulling birds from wire cages where birds could not spread their wings.

Interested in adoption? Visit or email our adoption coordinator at Adopters fill out a form, chat with our adoption coordinator, and if approved pick up their birds. We have adoption events throughout northern and southern California with a focus on Vacaville and Grass Valley.

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