Bambi’s Garden Gaggle

Address: 266 N 20th St  San Jose, CA 95112


I have had chickens about 15-20 years.

Right now I have 12 chickens.  7 of them are 7 years old  or older. This week I adopted 5 new chickens ages ranging from 3 weeks to 5 months.

I have 1 copper maran (the oldest and not laying any more), 1 Americana. 3 silkies (one of which is a naked neck), 1 sultan, 1 frizzle, 1 black tailed Japanese bantam, 1 mille flour d’uccle, 1 bantam cochin, 1 small red chick (unknown breed) and 1 baby chick of unknown breed.

I don’t know if my coop is particularly unique.  It is certainly not fancy and was built with a lot of recycled wood and chicken wire fencing.  We have a large 2 sided room with corrugated metal roof so chickens have a lot of shade.  The texting boxes are here as is the food and water.  Then we have a fairly large outdoor space so that they can get plenty of sun as well.  We also have a huge garden  and I have enclosed photos below.  We have no lawn.


As for other animals, we have 2 small dogs and lots of neighborhood cats spend time in my yard,

Below are photos taken at different times  around my garden.


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