Chicks ’n Chins Homestead

Chicks ’n Chins Homestead

Address: 1378 La Bella Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Chickens were our “pandemic pet”. We started with the commonly sold small chicken coop which we quickly found out was not going to work. So, after a google quest (I am a nerd), I found Carolina Coops’ American Coop which was shipped in kit form. After a weekend (or two) of work the 6’x 18’ coop was ready for our Hens. Now currently, numbering nine (after some normal flock ups/downs with hawks, rooster giveaways, sickness), our hens are a happy pampered group that have the run of two different fruit tree orchards

We also happen to be the home of California Chins – Chinchiila Rescue, a very small SFBayArea based “no-kill” rescue group and run by California Chins, a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1998. So, when finished viewing the chickens please come visit some friendly Chinchillas that are available for adoption.

We are also an award winning All Electric home (including two EVs) with a very low maintenance yard and a resort style feel (assuming we have time to relax).

Chicks and coop

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