Charles Street Garden

Address: 433 Charles Street, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

(Use the large parking lot adjacent to the community garden and come in through the main gate.)



Our coop is located within Charles Street Community Garden . It was designed and built (after much research) by Phil Keener. It houses 6 hens, 3 bantams and 3 standards, all different breeds and all from Full Circle Farm. Seven chicken tenders take care of the coop and hens daily.

What’s unique:

We have been adding improvements to our coop on a regular basis; many things will be new since last year. Our girls have a run area now to give them more space to run around. The run also allows us to isolate a hen from the flock. They also have a tube feeder, so feed is no longer wasted. A new nipple watering system keeps their water clean and eliminates the need to regularly scrub out a metal container. We’ve started using nest pads in our curtain-lined nest boxes. Are they admiring themselves in their mirrors? Be sure to check out the community garden PLANT SALE happening on Tour Day. Buy some veggies for planting now.


Sit under our shady trees to relax and watch the chickens and enjoy your lunch. Check out the Master Gardener Demonstration area within the Community Garden for ideas for your home. Walk through the plots to see what gardeners are growing (but no picking!)







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