Coop: Chick-Inn

Address: 1059 Lovoi Way, San Jose, California


Small four-chicken coop I built this April to replace the nice one we left behind when we moved to California three years ago. I had just finished a Coop Mahal at our old house back east when I got a job offer here. We were finally able to buy a house here and building a coop is one of the first things we did.

Coop is wood framed construction with decking and asphalt roof (just like a house). Foundation is hand set patio pavers. Floor is sand. Front is painted with chalk-board paint so our kids can draw pictures and leave notes. Roost opens and closes with a pulley and a sliding hatch from outside.

One of our chickens, Willow, turned out to be Willie. We found a new home for him. The remaining four hens don’t seem to miss him. They do love to run around our back yard with our dog, who protects them like family.


Will have soft drinks, coffee, or magaritas available for visitors. My wife just said she’d bake treats too.




More photos of this coop and construction can be found HERE.

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