Address: 15695 Los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA 95032


Store owners Jon and Melody have been in business for over 12 years (selling ink and toner) but only recently added their passions “Chickens and Bees” (they have 24 chickens and 18 hives) to their merchant business.


Check out their chicken and bee store website at:

cHICK n bEES sells backyard bee and chicken keeping supplies and much more. We provide many services as well.


cHICK n bEES sells everything for the backyard bee and chicken keeper along with many services.

This year during Tour De Coop cHICK n bEES will be offering the following:

  • Feed fermenting Station, showing how to.
  • Feed Sprouting Station, showing how to.
  • Meal worm and Super worm Station, showing how to grow your own.
  • Heritage and Fancy Breed Chicks and Pullets will be for Sale through our local breeder from Woodside.
  • An observation Hive for viewing
  • Handouts about feed and chicken rearing along with Free Samples of Scratch and Peck Feeds
  • Water, Snack and a Restroom will be provided

There will  be chickens for sale.  There will be chicks up to 11 week pullets.


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