Coop de la Crique sits alongside Adobe Creek, next to our beehive. The core coop was built by Knox Buciak of Cool Coops and includes an eye-level egg door that gives access to the three egg boxes. A ramp leads down to an enclosed breezeway housing an automatic watering system, a hanging feeder and an electronic door that closes at night to protect the hens from predators. A large fenced enclosure allows the chickens plenty of daytime wandering room. Six hens, all from Love Apple Farm in Santa Cruz, inhabit Coop de la Crique, each a different breed and each laying a different colored egg so we can keep track of slackers. Five of the six have French names (Coco, Ines, Corine, Sylvie and Audrey), but Batman was named by one of our grandchildren and wears her name proudly. (Tinkerbell flunked egg production and was returned to Love Apple.)


The driveway leading to the coop goes past a greenhouse flanked by roses and a large, tiered vegetable garden. The fenced run surrounding the coop has two sections so one can be re-planted with forage turnips, rape and sweet clover while the other is greedily feasted upon.


Downtown Los Altos is across the street offering many food and services and a nice big grassy park to picnic as well.

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