Coop De Ville – Los Gatos

Your Coop Name: Coup de Ville
Address :  243 Jones Road – Los Gatos, CA 95030
Custom Built Coop, Tractor, 8 hens (2 Silver Wyandottes, 6 Ameraucanas/Easter Eggers)
We’ll be selling bottled water, clif bars, and eggs for visitors today!
Our mid-century modern coop in Los Gatos

What is unique about your coop stop:
This is a mid-century modern chicken coop built with reclaimed materials by green builder (Bruce King of San Rafael. We looked far and wide for a chicken coop that would go with our mid century modern house and happened upon this on Craigslist. It was a long haul to bring this south to Los Gatos. We were also excited about the idea of using an existing coop, restoring it, and making it our own. It got about 4 coats of paint, peel and stick vinyl flooring in the coop for ease of clean up, and we re-secured and raised the original natural wood perch.

 Front of Coop de Ville
In order to get it to fit on our very sloped property (40% slope?), we had to add some new lumber to accommodate the slope and also to put in a door that we could actually walk through. It’s probably 90-95% reclaimed. We modified the storage area on the right to be another nesting area. I also used 4″ PVC to create a gravity feeder (not pictured) that can hold about 15 pounds of feed.
Our 8 hens were hatched in March and only 5 of 8 are laying so far. We have 3 nesting box areas: 2 inside, 1 outside. We’ve been making great use of old wood wine & port boxes for nesting boxes.
Bruce named it the “Coop de Ville” in the and we haven’t changed the name.
Our tractor was gifted to us by a “Silicon Valley Chickens” member in the Cambrian area of San Jose. One of our girls was stung in the face by a yellow jacket and we needed to isolate her. When we got the tractor home, my husband Scott attempted to take off the old chicken wire. He had wanted to replace it with more secure 1/2″ hardware cloth as we live close to an open space area with an abundance of wildlife.
End view of restored chicken tractor
When he want to remove the chicken wire, the entire thing fell apart. We also found it was ravaged by termite damage. Hence began yet another restoration! We replaced about 50% of the wood with scraps of wood we had laying about and used a birch colored peel and stick vinyl flooring in the covered area. I used scraps of pine to create horizontal tractor bars so that the girls don’t slide down the ramp.
If Ikea made chicken tractors, we think it would look like this.
Side view of restored chicken tractor
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