Coop Tour Navigation Options

We are providing coop tour route information in a few different formats so carefully review and select the best set of navigational aids before you start your tour!

CAUTION: The routes have been generated by a software package called RideWithGPS and there are times when it incorrectly says turn LEFT when it should be RIGHT.. so navigate your coop tour with both the cue sheet and the maps ready!

Options include:

  • Each tour will include printable image map(s).  It is best to click on the map image and then print that one image full screen with your web browser for maximum clarity.  Some maps should be printed in landscape mode rather than portrait. The high contrast color is to allow for good black and white printing.


  • Each tour includes a turn by turn cue sheet.  This is designed to be printed and then folded and clipped to your handle bars in some fashion with a binder clip for easy reading and access.  Column one is the turn, Column 2 is the cumulative mileage from the start, Column 3 is the turn instructions, Column 4 is the mileage to the next turn.


  • Display the map images on your smart phone.  You can view and zoom in on each of the map images on the tour web page for navigation.


  • We have used the web-based route tool from and each route has additional options for printing maps, cue sheets, and other features to integrate with bike GPS units.    Each tour will have a link to that tour’s webpage on  Click on that link to view the options.


What do you do if lost?

  • Look for other coop tourist wearing official coop tour chicken helmets and ask for assistance.  Other coop tourists are always helpful.
  • DSC_0953
  • Backtrack to the previous coop stop and ask for navigational assistance.
  • Cluck, very loud
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