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Scott Vanderlip

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Cell (650) 793-0475

For the Tour De Coop 2022, we are simplifying the final last two week preparation for the coop tour.  With previous tours, we have offered (2) in person coopster meetings where we pass out some printed Coop Stop posters and Spray Station Bottles for your coop stops and talked about how to run a successful coop stop.  This year, we are making it an easier method to get all of the information you need to have for a successful Tour De Coop Event for your coop stop via on-line meetings and links to documents.

Please complete these few simple steps:

(1) Please attend one of the coopster meetings below – now  a virtual, 30 minute meeting with other coopsters to get final last minute instructions with best practices from other coopsters who have been on the tour before.  The two virtual coopster meeting are now scheduled at:

Coopster Meeting Number 1  – Thursday May 12th – 7:30 PM

Topic: Coopster Meeting
Time: May 12, 2022 07:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Coopster Meeting Number 2 – Tuesday May 17th 7:30 PM

Topic: Coopster Meeting #2
Time: May 17, 2022 07:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

(2) Coop Owner Release – Every event has some legal folks asking for a signature and the SV tour De Coop has used this release form since the beginning.

Please review and agree to the basic Coop Owner Release – Silicon Valley Tour De Coop (PDF).

Click Here to view CoopOwnerRelease  (PDF)

To keep it simply this year rather that in person signatures collected during in person coopster meetings, please simply send an email to with an email with subject line SV Tour De Coop – Coop Owner Release.

The body of the email can simply be

“I agree with the terms of the Coop Owner Release – SV Tour De Coop-

Signed  – Your name

(3) Review the Coop Stop Owner Reminders and Suggestions  –

Coop Stop Owner Recommendations (PDF)

Coop Stop Documents

We recommend you grab the Your Coop Stop Story document and modify it yourself for your own coop stop.  To avoid having to answer 100 times what kinds of chickens do you have, write it own on your coop story and post it at your stop!

– Below are the links to some printable docs for your coop stop that we used to print out and pass out in person, but this year, if you want any of these signs, you will  need to print them out yourself.

Below are some documents that coopsters may want to print themselves for their own use at their coop stop.

Photo Examples of Coop Stops

The Tour De Coop has been run several years and we have many photos to share what to expect at a coop stop. This link has several photos and videos of Tour De Coop stops in the past to give you some inspirations for your coop stop.

What To Expect on the Tour De Coop

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