Crows Watch Urban Farm

Address: 776 Henderson Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Coop info:

Crow’s Watch Farm

776 Henderson Ave. Sunnyvale, CA  94086       

Tim and Victoria live across the street from Ponderosa Park – Home with front vegetable garden, fruit trees and BIG redwood tree

This is a great place to start the Los Altos/Sunnyvale loop. Lots of street parking around the park. Shoe wash station in Driveway. Enter through gate on right to come around to chicken coop in the back yard.

Offering:      We will provide ice tea and snacks, or feel free to BYO lunch

Tim And Astra (Daddy and Daddy’s Girl)
600 W Chicken coop – 1)      Our chickens generate far more power than they consume – in fact these panels  power both a large 24V chest refrigerator and freezer in the garage and/or charge our 48V electric bicycles
Our neloved Redwood Tree

Puddle Play beneath the peach tree
Penelope, Hope, Rough Start Astra and Sophie inside coop
Cuddle Time with rough start and Hope

Leary children collecting eggs

Breakfast brunch
Frog Tagpole Tent
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