Downton Eggy

Address: 65 Alvarado Ave Los Altos, CA  94022


This hen dwelling is a combination of custom-built and store-bought coop, designed to allow easy access to eggs from friends and neighbors, without having to enter the coop area. It is completely predator-proof and very low-maintenance, requiring only weekly food/water refills and a monthly raking to clean up manure. The coop is also very family friendly and allows hens to be part of afternoon playtime.


Downton Eggy is currently home to 8 lovely ladies, including 2 bantam Silkies, 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks, an Autrolorp, and a New England Red. The home accommodates both large and small breed chickens equally well and does not provide any favored lifestyle for the upstairs chickens.

Offering: Snacks

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