Coop Stop Name:  Duck-a-ponics

You will find: Ducks, chickens, coops, gardens and duck-a-ponics

Address: 524 Arleta Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128

Coop Story – The homeowners are avid food gardeners and backyard poultry enthusiasts. The backyard is a small urban farm containing an extensive raised bed vegetable garden, a chicken coop, 2 raised  spiral gardens, and an aquaponics (hydroponic vegetables fertilized by fish) unit. There’s also a small native sedge meadow, a butterfly/hummingbird garden, and several fountains.  The duck pond (with ducks)  feeds & fertilizes a small hydroponic grow bed (aka – Duckaponics/Quackoponics) and was featured recently in the San Jose Mercury news in the Home and Garden Section – ( )  

What’s unique: This coop stop is famous!  It offers a new and revolutionary duck-a-ponics system where ducks pond water is used to fertilize some vegetable beds similar to aquaponics.

Offering – Duck fun!

DSC02650 DSC02640 DSC02490 DSC01457 our_lg_coop DSC02682




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