Faithful Farm

Coop: Faithful Farm

In San Jose but out in the country! – Check it out:



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Address: 12880 Clayton Road, San Jose CA 95127



Faithful Farms houses 31 chickens on our 3 acre organic farm, 15 of which are only weeks old. Our herding dog Luna ( our 1 year old Australian Sheppard) keeps the chickens in line ( most of the time)

Faithful Farms Coop is run by Kimberly and her daughters age 8 and 6.  Our eggs are organic and free range eggs. We also feed our chickens organic fermented feed which is a natural process that makes for a stronger more healthier “super egg” and chicken. We also ascribe to the deep litter method in our coop to keep the coop clean by only adding shavings periodically and only remove the litter 2xs a year. We utilize the litter for compost that gives us a rich organic soil in the spring. This method makes for a a nearly odor free and healthier coop.

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