Farm Diva

Address: 1373 Hester Ave, San Jose
Description:  Welcome to Farm Diva!   We like to think of our space as “urban farm meets cocktail party.”   Murphy, our so sweet Great Dane, will happily show you around and introduce you to the girls: Esther and Astrid (Easter Egger, Australorp).   We are also in the process of introducing 3 chicks into the flock.    Our girls share the yard with 2 beehives and 4 large veggie beds.   Because we do entertain in our yard, it was important to us that the coop area, the growing beds and the living spaces work together- a balance of comfort, function and artistry.
Uniqueness:  Our back yard is an extension of our living space- complete with dining table and chandelier.  Come on in, tour around, make yourself comfortable.
Offering: cheeses off the smoker, honey tasting and a mocktail or 2…


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