Flying Horse Farm

Coop: Flying Horse Farm

Address: 550 E Arbor Ave, Sunnyvale, 94085


We have a coop that we built in 2003. A predator-proof pen is attached to the coop for free access for the hens. Since 2003 we have lived with 10 different hens, all with different personalities. Our current three hens in residence are ages 7 and 2 and 2. The breeds are Ameraucana, White Leghorn, and Black Sexlink.



Our coop stop is unique because we have two 1,700 gallon rainwater cisterns. The two cisterns are buried underground, below the vegetable garden in the front yard and below the patio in the backyard. We use the water for our outdoor watering needs during the summer.


We will provide the Tour guests with ice tea and a homemade sweet snack.

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