Fowlfoy Manor


80 S. Morrison Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126


We have 5 chickens ranging from 2 ½ to 3 ½ years old, 2 Red Sex Linked (Esme and Katniss), 2 Buff Orpingtons (Imladris and Screech (Screech has a particularly raucous cackle)), and 1 Ameraucana (Rose). Our barn-style coop was purchased from DC Chicken Coops in Redding and the nest boxes are approachable from outside the fenced in chicken run. The hens currently lay over 20 eggs a week and we are all too happy to pass the excess eggs on to neighbors. We’ve only kept chickens for the past three years and were enchanted to learn each of our girls have their own distinct personalities. Their favorite treats include fresh grass, cottage cheese, bananas, yogurt, meal worms, and whatever tasty grubs they can dig up!


What is unique about your coops/gardens, etc:

We have a mostly California Native garden with no mow grass, a thriving beehive, worm bins, and a compost pile. We just finished our second honey harvest and harvested around 70 pounds of honey! This year we’ve added a koi pond to the yard and our hens are proud users of the Chicken Fountain, which is an auto waterer that is attached to their own water line. This way they get fresh, clean water on demand. They (and we!) love it. We are trying to use what little space we have to our and the environment’s best advantage.


What you will be offering to the coop tourists (water, lemonade, bread?)

We will have free fruit-infused water for coop tourists and honey samples on hot biscuits. We will be selling some our own Urban Shire Honey and a variety of coffee and baked goods! Our honey is non-heated and only strained through cheesecloth so it’s full of super healthy local pollen.

Your hosts:


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