Goldin Girls

Address: 104 Alerche Drive, Los Gatos, CA 95032

Coop: Ride your bike to the bottom of the scenic Harwood hill in Los Gatos to the hillside residence of the fluffy girls on Alerche Drive. After parking your bike on the driveway or down the stairs on the urbanite (recycled sidewalk) area, make your way to the backyard chicken wonderland. Nestled amongst redwood trees, our chickens share their expansive +/- 300 sq ft of enclosed area with an acre of mostly native plants and a unique circular vegetable garden.

More Coop Info: Our Chicken Town is not just an utilitarian hen house, it is a unique chicken paradise. With over 300 square feet space plus multiple levels of resting bars for the girls to roam or rest, their wonderland is completely enclosed and protected from predators, yet still accessible to caretakers. Our girls might start their day in the Egg Plant, wander down the cheezeway (an elevated chicken breezeway) to the Fluffy Butt Hut and feed under the redwoods. After some sweet morning clucks, these girls will make their way down the chunnel (chicken tunnel) past the shaded Chick Pit, to relax in the 15-ft tall Cluckin’ Cabana. Here they sun and feed/water themselves again before resting on the 10-ft high perches overlooking the neighbors’ vineyards. These fluffy girls live in a dwelling like no other.

photos coming

Egg plant

FluffyButt Hut


Chick Pit

Cluckin Cabana

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