Heiden Family Coop

Address: 965 Anna St. San Mateo, CA 94401


We have a very simple homemade coop constructed by Bill Heiden. We also have a very large yard (no grass currently) a nice big shade tree, tiny pumpkin patch, garden shed and raised bed currently being seeded for winter salad greens!

What makes our coop special:

Our coop is a simple, small, basic coop with 6 chickens. We hope to inspire others in our very urban neighborhood of Downtown San Mateo/Shoreview to consider their own backyard chickens!

We will be offering:

We will be offering water, fresh fruit, a nice shade tree to rest under and plenty of “bike parking” in our large backyard.

Please bring bikes with you down our south alley (gate will be open) and park your bike in our backyard.

Public bathrooms are conveniently located
around the corner at the Shoreview city park playground and at the Shoreview Recreation Center. Both are located directly behind our property.


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