Heidi’s Loop and Coop

Description –

This longer (56 miles) tour is for the more serious cyclist  and includes about 12 coops.  It uses a combination of smaller residential street and also uses expressways that have bike lanes.  It starts in Los Altos and first heads Northerly into Portola Valley and then drops down through Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and into San Jose and over the famous Don Burnett bicycle bridge over 280 and returns back to Los Altos.

Navigation Options:

Starting location: This tour starts near downtown Los Altos at Lincoln Park at 199 University Ave,  Los Altos but we recommend you start the route anywhere along the route to prevent parking concentration issues.  There are restrooms in Downtown Los Altos at businesses and a block away at Shoup park.

Tour Maps: (1-6)  – Note: Some maps are at different scales

Map #1


Map #2 (Different scale)


Map #3


Map #4heidi4

Map #5


Map #6


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