Hen’s Club of The Forge Garden @ Santa Clara University

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Santa Clara University’s ½-acre edible, organic garden is a hub for sustainable food system education. Established in 2008, the Forge Garden has committed to serve the campus as a space for course research, service learning, and demonstration of sustainable food production. Forge Garden currently has a chicken coop, four beehives, a 400-square foot greenhouse, a compost center, over 20 fruit trees, over 15,000-square feet of garden beds, a public commons, an outdoor kitchen, cob bench and the 2007 Solar Decathlon House used as an office.


Our coop is Bronco red and has a light sensored automatic door. Our hens love it!


Come to the Forge Garden to explore our urban oasis! Hang out with our chickens and roam the garden. This is a good stop to use the restroom and refill your water bottle. This is one stop you won’t want to miss!

More Info:

Our website is https://www.scu.edu/sustainability/programs/theforge/

Our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/theforgegarden/

Our facebook page: www.facebook.com/theforgegarden

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