Hen’s Club of The Forge Garden @ Santa Clara University


Located on the Santa Clara University campus, the Forge Garden is home to the Hen’s Club, along with many other urban agriculture demonstration areas. You will find: sustainably managed bee-hives, a 400 sq ft greenhouse, an extensive home composting system including vermicomposting bins, a solar powered office building, over 21 varieties of fruit trees, and over 30 beds of mixed vegetable crops. The Forge serves as an educational and demonstration garden for the university and surrounding community. Produce is grown using organic standards, and donated to local food banks and partners.


The Forge Garden has a chicken mascot – Chirpy. Chirpy is a proud and friendly Buff. She was rescued by the Garden Manager this February, when she was one-day old. She was hand-raised as a solo chick in an apartment complex near the garden. As she grew too large for her apartment living, she was released into the Forge. Unable and uninterested in mingling with the other hens in the big coop, Chirpy has made the entire garden her home. She has free range over the office and garden. All the students, staff, faculty, and neighbors know her name!


Come to the Forge Garden to explore our urban oasis! Ask questions about beekeeping, home composting, and solar house design! We have a large shade structure with picnic tables for resting and relaxing. We also have a restroom facility and drinking water. In addition to basic amenities we will have seedlings for sale, a small farm stand, and light refreshments! This is one stop you won’t want to miss!

More Info:

Our website is www.scu.edu/theforge

Our facebook page: www.facebook.com/theforgegarden

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