J&J’s Burbank Garden

j&Js burbank gardenDescription:

J&J’s Burbank Garden is a small micro-farm with an extensive vegetable garden, 2 chicken coops (with chickens), 2 raised spiral gardens, several fruit trees and an aquaponics unit. There’s also a small California native sedge meadow, a butterfly/hummingbird garden, and several water features. Our chickens (and other small animals – guinea pigs, rabbit & worms) are an integral part of our ecosystem – they consume our excess food & vegetable waste, their manure is used in our compost bins, and the compost is used in the gardens.


We like to say we have something for everyone in our garden.  Kids like the animals, adults like the food, and everyone enjoys all the different garden ‘rooms’ that are set up.  People who are wondering ‘Can I grow food and have chickens in my small backyard’ can get lots of good inspiration from the garden.    Besides growing edibles we also practice water-wise and nature-wise landscaping – the front yard is planted with 100% California natives and receives no supplemental watering.


A place to enjoy nature (both domesticated and wild) in the middle of suburban San Jose.

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