Lemonberry Coop

Address: 1513 Oak St, San Mateo, CA 94402


Seven hens, each of a different breed, scratch in the shade of a lemon and a mulberry tree.

Watch them step on the treadle to open their feeder door and peck at their nipple waterer to get a drink. Stop by and I’ll show you how I track my eggs, feed, and expenses using the FlockPlenty iOS app. Feel free to email me or follow me on Twitter to learn more.

What’s unique:
Constructing a coop and run underneath two large trees can be a challenge, but this mutually beneficial arrangement provides my hens with food and shelter and my trees with plenty of fertilizer. The nipple waterer and treadle feeder keep the run clean, easy to maintain, and free of pests. Most of the coop and run is built from reclaimed wood and concrete. I feed my chickens organic Scratch and Peck feed, which is sustainably grown and less processed than most feeds.


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