Little Coop on the Prarie

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Our barn styled chicken coop houses 6 happy birds that provide our family and friends eggs daily. The coop was built using recycled, repurposed building materials. Its sits elevated on top of a pressure treated lumber foundation.  The nesting box is approachable from the outside of the run area which is situated in an unused strip of land located between our back fence and detached garage.  The secure roosting area is suspended underneath the gambrel roof and constructed from stout branches.

Although large in size, the coop utilizes modular construction design which allows it to be easily dismantled and moved if necessary.


Some unique features of our coop include an autodoor and autowaterer.

  • The automated door opens at dawn and closes at dusk. This security measure locks the hens in at night protecting them from predatory attacks. This was built using commonly found parts; a discarded cordless drill and a simple Christmas light timer. The door rises at dawn releasing the hens to begin their day foraging bugs and yard clippings. Before the autodoor, the hens would begin clucking and cackling at the break of dawn upsetting anyone who was attempting to sleep nearby.
  • The autowaterer also was built using readily available parts (toilet bowl float valve) which provides fresh water for the hens.  It is tied to our sprinkler system and tops off  the elevated 5 gallon if needed.
  • I will gladly provide printed construction blueprints for the coop, autodoor and autowaterer for a token good gesture price of one dollar.


I will have my collection of classic arcade games available on free play.  We will have a cooler stocked with ice cold beverages and some comfortable shaded seating. I’m a former professional bicycle mechanic and will also offer my garage and tools for any needed emergency bicycle repairs. My two young children will also sell ice cold lemonade.

We’ll also have Cluck-ee Cheese (our arcade open with vintage arcade games on free play) and our pizza oven making homeade pizzas to snack on.



Your hosts:

Dominic, Gianna, Amelia, Mike

Little Chicken, Big Red, Little Jerry, Cluckee Cluck, Mother Clucker and Blackey,

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