Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto Coop Loop 2018

9 coops, 17 miles, 490 feet of climbing

This coop loop includes a whole lot of coops with 5 in Los Altos Hills and 4 coops in Palo Alto!  The coop per mile for this tour is high.  There are some hills on this route.  There are 1-2 places on the tour where you will need to walk your bike on the sidewalk to backtrack 1/2 block on Alma! Some steep sections in Los Altos Hills.

This tour could be started at the Palo Alto California Ave Train Station as it goes right by there.

On this tour you can see why Los Altos Hills is unique in zoning!  It is zoned to allow farm animals like cows and goats and horses.

The tour starts in Los Altos at Shoup park near downtown Los Altos.  It goes by the Palo Alto Cal Train station so it could be started in PA and performed as a loop from there.



Los_Altos_Hills_and_Palo_Alto_Coop_Loop(2)  – Cue Sheet (PDF)

Click here to view on the on-line Ride With GPS map


This tour has some new coops this year.  If you are thinking about small, backyard sheep, this is the tour for you!

Check out Tucks Coop – Inspire your kids to be like Tuck and raise their own chickens!



Find out about building your own custom coop to fit your lot for easy chicken care.  How about some sheep?  This guy can show you sheep that look and sized like goats!

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 9.31.05 PM

Considering Alpacas? This is the tour for you!

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