Los Altos / MV /Sunnyvale Coop Loops

There are two coop loops each with 3 coops in each loop. You could combine the two loops into 1 tour to visit 5 coops. The second loop has this starting coop in the MV/Sunnyvale Loop if you wanted to do a figure eight 2 coop day!

Coop Loop #1

Los Altos / MV Short Loop – 5.3 miles

This loop starts first coop which is 1310 Bryant Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040.

Los Altos, Mountain View Short Loop 5.3 miles

Link to RideWithGPS Link for Los Altos/MV Short Loop

Coop Loop #2

Click here Sunnyvale/MV Short Loop – Ride with GPS

This loop is 13 miles and 3 coops. It starts at Ponderosa Park, in Sunnyvale at

811 Henderson Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Sunnyvale, LA, MV Loop – 4 coops – 13 miles

Click here Sunnyvale/MV Short Loop Ride With GPS – 13 miles – 4 coops

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