Los Gatos Area Coop Tour – 2018

5 Coops – 14.4 Miles – 660 feet of climbing

The Los Gatos Area coop tour this year is filled with a large number of coop stops within a reasonable biking distance and lots of places to stop for lunch, restrooms and coffee along the way!  It includes coops in Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and San Jose.

This loop starts at the corner of Vasona Lake Park, at the corner of  University and Blossom Hill. There is typically available parking on University Ave.  You could also bike up the Los Gatos Creek Trail from the San Jose area and start this loop.  There are restrooms at the start inside of Vasona Lake Park

Refer to the various maps and route options before  riding this coop loop!

You could visit 4 coops and cut across at Camino Del Cerro to LG Almaden Rd and reduce the mileage by 3-4 miles.

Note: There are two steep sections of road climbing.  One is  out of Los Gatos to Jones Rd.. It’s short but steep so just walk your bikes if your gears are low enough to climb it!

The other is Creffield Heights Coop Stop.  The coop stop is on a steep road and difficult to park so cars should park at the bottom of the hill and walk up.

Right before or after visiting the Jones Rd Coop Stop, coming back through Los Gatos will provide you options for food and restroom breaks.

Note:  The last coop stop is not a home but a store that sells chicken and bee keeping supplies so look for a store!


This coop has some spectacular coops (as seen on National Television)  and unique mid century modern coops too!

If you are looking for a tour with an focus on custom build coops, this might be the tour for you.

It also features a unique vendor that sells backyard chicken supplies and bee keeping equipment.






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