Middlebrook Gardens Pot Luck Info

middlebrook1Celebrate the EGG!

Middlebrook Gardens – 76 Race St, San Jose, CA 95126

Time: 4-7 PM

Date: Sunday September 21, 2014

Our post Tour de Coop potluck is our time to celebrate the worlds most versatile food, the one thing we all have in common — EGGS!

Join us at Middlebrook Center and bring your favorite egg dish to share (a family tradition dish, or stretch yourself to come up with an original dish of your own).

This is a time to meet fellow coop enthusiasts, it’ll be a time for celebration and education as we share our trials and tribulations of hen houses, and get ideas on how to use your bounty of EGGS.


  • We encourage you to make an EGG dish — get creative and come up with a new dish, or make a favorite dish, or a traditional dish, or make a dish from your favorite food blogger.
  • Please bring a dish that can serve 4 to 6 people.
  • Bring a list of the ingredients to put along side your dish, and include any info about the dish and its contents, is it a several generation recipe?, a family favorite?, are all ingredients from the backyard?
  • Food guidelines/ingredients:
    • Eggs  (note: non-egg dish/drink are welcome, no problem)
    • best to use ingredients that are local, organic, sustainable, biodynamic, fair trade, homegrown, seasonal
    • some processed foods are okay, yet keep them to a minimum – like canned coconut milk, maple syrup, brown sugars
    • Agave-free is best
    • If you have questions just send an email to Chef Joni (jonisare@gmail.com)
  • If you want/need to keep it simple – you can bring fruits, cut veggies or a simple salad w/a oil vinegar dressing.

Contest and kudos for best dish:

We’ll celebrate all the creations (egg and non-egg dishes, and drinks), and will give a special nod to:

  • the dish/drink that is the most unique based on a traditional recipe
  • the dish/drink that is the most original
  • the dish/drink that exceeds in flavor, texture and/or presentation
  • the dish/drink that exceeds in creativity (feel free to bring props, b/c creativity includes flavor, the process and the presentation)
  • the person who stretched the most, who went waaay outside their comfort zone
  • the most s i m p l e, yet tasty and creative dish/drink (this could be a single food item that came from your backyard)
  • the dish/drink that is the most difficult
  • the dish/drink that is the most outrageous
  • the dish/drink that _______, I’m sure – at the table – we’ll come up with more special nods
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