Suburban Park Chez Poulet, Hosted by Menlo Park 4-H Club

Address: Hedge Road, 271 Hedge Rd,  Menlo Park CA
Description:   This attractive, garden-style coop has easy-access nesting boxes and built-in feed storage.  It features sliding hen doors, covered feeder area, and and play yard for chicks.  The architectural plans for the Chez Poulet can be purchased at  Thanks for heather Bullard for making them available.  Check out her website if you love beautiful coops!
We currently house one adult Plymouth Rock hen and her six adopted teenage girls, four Ameraucanas and two Welsummers.This small flock is the basis for the Menlo Park 4-H Club’s Urban Poultry Co-op, where members learn about poultry and take turns caring for them before their parents invest in a coop of their own.  We look forward to when the girls start laying a rainbow of eggs later this year!  A great way to “test drive” chicken husbandry.
For information about joining a local 4-H Club or the Menlo Park 4-H Urban Poultry Co-op, email
What is unique about your coop stop.  We hope you enjoy this stop.  Picnic tables available for pack-your-own lunch stop.  Goodies and lemonade may be available for purchase from neighborhood youth entrepreneurs!
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