My Dream Coop


334 Greenpark Way, San Jose, CA 95136

We’re located right across the street from Martial Cottle Park
On this coop stop we have not only our 4H chickens, but also a male silver pheasant, a friendly rabbit, and a bee yard (which might not be open to visitors as it is quite a small space).  The coop is situated in a relaxing garden setting with edible plants sprinkled throughout the landscape and raised beds.  The coop is modeled after the homes in our neighborhood with a twist it’s made with as much recycled materials as we could muster.  It’s also got a lot of natural tree branches incorporated into it which were gathered after the winter storms.
What’s unique:
Our coop demonstrates how you can incorporate the perfect house for chickens and those who care for them into a tranquil landscaped yard made for relaxing.  Sit down, take a break and take in the nature all around.  Enjoy the view of the surrounding hills, the bees busily working, or the chickens in their yard.
We are offering:
Our coop stop has quite a few tranquil places to stop and relax, from our front yard tree shaded patio seating, to our many built in benches in the back yard.  We will be offering cold drinks and some small snacks to our visitors.
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