Rainbow Collection

Address: 16345 Englewood Avenue, Los Gatos, CA

Coop info: Our flock of heritage breed hens is known as The Rainbow Collection, named for the variety of beautiful appearances, personalities, egg colors they provide, and the cheerful rainbow pin striping on the coop itself. They live the good life in the large coop and run we built for them, and regularly enjoy exploring under the mature trees on our half-acre property. We keep our back yard fairly wild, but also have a vegetable garden, asparagus beds, grape vines, fruit trees, composting, etc. The front yard is very pollinator-friendly if you’re looking for ideas.

More Coop Info:

Our hens were chosen for both personality and egg-color, so perhaps they’ll inspire you to think of these things while choosing your own flock. We’ll have info on all the breeds we have. Our coop was built to keep our girls safe from predator attack (you won’t see any chicken wire here), ease of maintenance, and with plenty of space. We are always happy to share what we’ve learned.

There’s a bench built into our front fence, which you are invited to enjoy if you need a place to sit along the way. We’ll have drinks out for anyone needing a fill-up. Coming soon: a Little Free Library to peruse as well.

If you stop in our back yard, we’ll have drinks, kids are welcome to blow off some steam on our jungle gym. We’ll try to find you a shady spot to sit if you’d like.

Photos Coming

Rainbow Collection Coop

Rainbow Collection chickens

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