Redwood Hen Haven

Address: 267 Grand St Redwood City, CA

Description: After a few raccoon disasters in past years, we built a sturdy raccoon-proof dwelling for our hens when we moved to a new house.  We nestled this enclosure against the side of our house, utilizing a space that would otherwise have gone largely unused.  During the day the hens have the full run available to them, and at night they retire to the safety of a fully enclosed run with coop.  We’re also happy to show you our 8 young fruit trees and growing backyard garden, as well as an 8-year-old grape vine that we are training along our trellace.

What’s unique: We made creative use of limited space in order to create our “Hen Haven” – feel free to drop by for inspiration.

Offering:  We will have lemonade for coop tourists!


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