Routes and maps for Coop Tour 2015 Planning

2015 SV Tour De Coop Routes Planning Page

This page shows the proposed Coop Tour Routes.  Listed below are first attempts to quickly put together routes from the 39 coops on the tour.  We need your expert local knowledge to help fine tune these routes into the most bikable routes to visit the coops.

These routes should be fairly family friendly if possible.

This page is only available for coopsters and organizers and not the general 900 tourists who have registered, so please do not share this page widely.

We need your HELP this weekend and next week!

You can help out by either reviewing the on-line maps or actually riding the loops and providing feedback via email to  Be sure to be as specific as possible listing the loop and street details that will help make it a better route.

If you wish to be involved with the mapping editing process, please contact me and I will give your the account information so you can directly edit the maps with the rideWithGPS tools.

If your coop is not correctly identified on the loop, please let us know of that correction as well.

We will start to finalize these routes next week with final-final mapping to be done around Monday Sunday 14th of September.

For 2015 tour, there will be the following routes with more possible longer routes to follow.

Click on the maps below to get full details.

Full Google map of coops is at

The maps below show how we organized the coop into various city loops to find coop loops less than 15 miles with 4-6 coops each!

routesmap1southbay SMAndRWCloops

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