Schumann Coop

Address: 1762 Chevalier Drive, 95124 San Jose


  • My family moved to the Bay area from the East coast 2 years ago.
    Luckily we found a house with a good size backyard and my dream of raising chicken became tangible. My husband did some research and decided to built the coop himself – what a great project and wonderful job he did!
    Through word of mouth we heard about the Chick ‘n Bees store in Los Gatos. Melody, one of the owners, was incredibly helpful in providing guidance and information and we purchased our first 5 chicks last April. It was a rewarding adventure raising our 3 Easter Eggers and 2 Orpingtons – watching them grow from little fluff balls into mature chicken. Of course one of the most exciting days was the discovery of the first egg! Since then we unfortunately lost one Orpington but recently added a Rhode Island Rock chicken. Hearing our ‘girls’ cluck and scratch in the backyard, and collecting fresh eggs has been the most rewarding experience.
    As I was busy raising chicken, my husband had the idea of keeping bees. What?! I grew up with chicken and knew what to expect but we both had no experience about beekeeping. Ever so determined my husband dove into the subject. He passed on his newfound passion and every night we watched documentaries about bees and beekeeping. It was only a matter of time before we set up our first beehive. Again, John, the other owner of Chick ‘n Bees, was so helpful in teaching us the in and outs of beekeeping. We’ve learned so much about these incredible little creatures! The first honey harvest was heaven for our sweet taste buds. Since then we’ve shared eggs and honey with our friends and neighbors and hope to instill some excitement in others about chicken and bees.



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