Shannon Farm

Address: 15815 Shannon Road Los Gatos CA

Description: We have some Buf Orphingons and some Blue Cochin chicks. We have an automatic door on the coop which we really like. The coop itself was designed by some crazy engineer in Santa Cruz whom I bought it from. It’s quite sturdy, functional, and well insulated if a bit heavy/overbuilt. I have the plans if anyone is interested. We have a little garden and a greenhouse as well. We also keep bees – just harvested 80 lbs of honey from 2 hives! We could probably break some out if anyone is interested…coop and hives are located near what we refer to as the “Shannon river” – a creek that runs down the north side of Shannon road. Unfortunately it is dry right now, but if we get a good rain it might be running! Our “farm” area is nothing fancy, just hoping to meet some nice people and exchange ideas!






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