Shanti Farm

Address:  31107 Page Mill Road, Los Altos, CA 94022

NOTE: This coop stop you can  hike to!    It is off of a popular Park area trail at Los Trancos Trail Head in Mid Pen Open Space area.


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Who we are:

  • We are a family of 4 (Me, my husband and our 2 boys 14 and 16 years old).  Our home is located next to Los Trancos Open Space Preserve.  Over the past 10 years we have worked at becoming more and more self-sufficient.  This started off with building several raised beds for veggies and then 7 or 8 years ago we got our 1st chickens.  Since then we have added bees and goats.  Currently we grow most of the veggies and a lot of the fruit we consume.  We also get eggs from our chickens, honey from our bees and milk and cheese from our goats
  • We have named our little homestead “Shanti Farm” because Shanti means peace and tranquility and that is what we find here.  Feel free to check out the Shanti Farm website.

What we have for you to see:


We have a flock of 9 chickens in a coop that we built from plans off the net and another flock of 9 chickens in a coop converted from a children’s playhouse next to the goat barn.  We also have a chick brooder set up in the barn.



We have been keeping bees for about 4 years and have 2 active beehives.  We get honey and wax from our bees and turn the wax into beeswax candles, and lip balm.  If the Tour de Coop is on a sunny day you can see our solar wax melter in action.  It turns comb from the hive into beautiful, pure golden beeswax using just the power of the sun. We will have some honey to taste and beeswax and comb to see.  We will also have raw honey for sale.



We have 4 nigerian dwarf goats.  There are 2 does and 2 doelings who were born in May.  They are curious and friendly.  We milk the does daily and use the milk to make goat milk soap and goat cheese.  We have a milking room equipped with an electric milking machine.


Organic Garden:

We have a large organic vegetable garden which we nourish with compost from the goat and chicken manure as well as veggie scraps.  The yard is planted with drought tolerant plants watered by drip irrigation that we installed ourselves.

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If you decide to drive up instead of bike (it is a bit of a hill) we have ample parking.  We have room along the driveway for 7 or 8 cars.  We will also have signs to lead people to overflow parking across the street.  This will accommodate a large number of cars.


This is a great coop stop to hang out at and learn more about the various farm activities and crafts and production  of honey,  and cheese from goat milk.    We will be offering some cool beverages and some honey and cheese samples and products for sale from our farm.



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