Shaw Sisters’ Clubhouse

Address: 5138 Englewood Dr. San Jose, 95129


We became part of the Backyard Chicken Clan last summer (Jul 2016)! Came home with 5 baby chicks from the county fair and went to work building our coop. We haven’t looked back since!  We now have 6 hens and I wish we could have more!

People say our coop should be featured in a magazine! It’s gorgeous and functional!  A Dutch door made it easy to give the girls treats without them bum rushing me to get out.  We made PVC feeders and ran plumbing to the nipple waterer so we could fill it up from outside the coop.  The installation of an automatic coop door made life so much easier!  The girls didn’t have to “yell” in the morning to be let out!  In May, we extended the run another 4 ft and in July we made a “chicken yard” by fencing off an area behind and to the side of the coop.  This saved our plants and grass in the rest of the backyard and helped with the tedious job of “walking the grid”, as I’d tell my boys, to scoop up chicken poop.  No more landmines in the backyard!  I have herbs in planters for the girls to peck at through the fence so they still get their greens and our gardener will dump grass clippings into their yard as well.

Please stop by and visit us!  The girls would love to show you around!  We’ll be serving ice cold cucumber/mint water, lemon water and selling Cluckin Good Caramel Corn!  My specialty!



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