Steps For translating Pages

Translating pages Steps

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Googledoc for Pages Translated

1) Take the existing page that needs to be translated and go into edit mode and copy select everything (control A)

2) Click on a Add New Page at the top

3) Paste the full page contents into the page area and give the name of the page the same name as the original page with a -2 after it.

4) Save this by clicking publish.

5) Now go into WP and edit an existing english page that both the english/spanish flags/link at the top and grab the english and spanish flags and links.

6) First  edit the file then english version of the file  you just copied from and paste that english/spanish link at the upper right into the top of this file.

7) Now modify  the link of spanish link to point to the new -2 file you created

8) While you still have the english/spanish flags/link in the cut buffer, copy that into the -2 file and edit the links so the spanish link does not have a link, and the english flag/link points back to the english file.

9) Now translate the -2 version of the file into Spanish and publish to save.

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